Critical Back & Neck Support

The research at BCU showed that seating design needs to encourage good posture, and to limit the progressive damage caused by poor posture. Without appropriate support, discomfort can rapidly set in and is frequently and rather crudely addressed by the use of loose cushions. The chairs in this Collection provide pressure-relieving seats and backrests that fully support the spine. A special configuration of proactive support for the four critical areas of the back, helps to maintain alignment of the spine and to discourage slumping.


Hand Grip & Arm Support

A specially designed hand grip has been implemented into the construction of the arm. This provides the user with a firm grip when standing from a seated position. In addition to this, the arm height and construction provide support to the forearms and encourage good posture while seated.


Step Back Void For Access & Egress

 The void beneath the seat creates a ‘step-back’ space to make sitting down and standing up much easier. Unhindered movement is vital to remaining active while seated and improve the users ability to easily sit and stand while using an Actiposture approved product.


Pressure Relief Foam

Distributes weight evenly reducing pressure problems areas that in turn promotes improved circulation. Combines Vasco, an energy absorbing temperature sensitive layer, with Reflex, the class-leading filler free foam. Foam used meet a minimum fatigue classification of “V”, representing very severe use making it especially suited to long-term seating applications. Tested and clinically approved by Tissue Viability Nurses.