Specially designed healthcare furniture.

Healthcare Design

We are currently launching the Cello Collection. Through the collaborative efforts of ourselves with Richard Snell and David Rowe from Birmingham City University, we have developed a range of seating which promotes good posture to improve your overall well being. Visit HF Life for more information


Professor Richard Snell

Richard has worked both within the furniture industry and academia. He was awarded a professorship by Birmingham City University in 2007. The partnership with the University and David Rowe has lead to various research projects looking into the benefits to good posture within seating. 

His industry facing academic work has led to the development of ranges of seating for specific communal areas that require seating that is comfortable over long periods. This includes seating for Restaurants, Hotels, Airports, Schools, Colleges and Universities. 


David Rowe

Much of David’s research has been in partnership with Richard Snell as they have worked to develop theories and designs for the benefit of the wider furniture industry. The most in-depth aspect of this research is in regards to the benefits of good posture within seating and how it can improve a persons well being. This research has been realised in many different forms and improved the seating facilities within a range of markets. 

David has taken this experience to now produce the Arc, an adaptable chair designed to assist and promote activity. David led the furniture design programme at Birmingham City University and has also taught internationally.