Designed By Professor Richard Snell & David Rowe


This armchair’s harmonious and welcoming forms are inspired by the mid-century modern style which many users will be familiar with. The chair is designed to facilitate both relaxation and activity, particularly in conjunction with the complementary furniture peripherals.

The high, embracing back of the chair gives positive postural support, whilst the seat cushion is constructed using pressure relief foam. This cushion is also removable; thus allowing for ease of replacement and comprehensive cleaning. Arms are designed to provide a firm grip when both sitting down and standing up, and the curvaceous forms of the chairs allow for people to move easily around them. The seat platform stands well clear of the floor, enabling the back of the feet to be placed advantageously under the front edge of the chair when standing up and sitting down. 

The chairs high back creates the opportunity for the formation of cosy mini-spaces within large environments, and the panelled approach to the cover construction allows for a two-tone look to be adopted - thus enabling highly visible but visually sensitive seating solutions. 

Design Registration 002284406