Workspace design that improves your performance…

An office can be an interesting work environment. You find yourself exposed to a concoction of ages, personalities and genders within a variably small space for upwards of eight hours a day, where the smallest things can knock you off task.

Employers are beginning to understand the importance of creating environments that focus on obtaining the best from their workforce. The need to create stimulating products that suit the needs of the user have led to an explosion of ingenious design solutions. Here are just a few we wouldn’t mind at having HF towers


There are times you want to chitchat and other times you want to disappear for a bit of privacy. Prooff understand this and their furniture reflects this need along with a cool & contemporary design approach.

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JDD Furniture

Birmingham based JDD Furniture have crafted a seriously impressive range of office seating. We’re big fans of their high back designs and confident approach to colour.

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UK based Frovi look to optimise work and social environments through innovative design, up to date trends and quality manufacture. Enclosed seating areas create a pod of productivity and customisable bench seating which allows the user to create space specific furniture.

Frov a look

Max Furniture

As well as creating a social work space, providing comfortable and efficient working environments to suit a variety of users is incredibly important. Max furniture highlights this need in a range of their products alongside a desirable design approach.

We’re into the height adjustable desk

Soulful Creative

It’s not just about furniture, creating an interior that embodies a theme and creates an energetic tone is so important and Soulful Creative do this amazing well with their wall murals.

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