The Top 5 Fonts You Know, Yet Don’t Know…

Partly due to the forward thinking of Steve Jobs, we all have a huge amount of fonts to pick and chose from when looking to express our inner graphic designer. We go shopping, eat out and drink at bars while constantly exposed to an endless amount of alphabet collections visualised in a unique way.

We are exposed to popular typefaces so often that our relationships with them have become subconscious. We see them but rarely acknowledge them. So, here’s our top 5 typefaces you'll begin to notice more often, maybe even impress someone with your new found type knowledge.


It’s so popular they made a film about it


Over 250 years old and still our most trusted typeface. Seriously, we even have trust issues with fonts


The go to type for clean and contemporary


If it’s good enough for Bond…

Wisdom Script

This is our wild card. It’s free, so go ahead and use this on your moms SURPRISE birthday invitation