Tent London 2014

It was decided in early 2014 that we would take a leap into the unknown and truly reveal layers of HF that had rarely been witnessed before. Our true intent was to create products that act as a manifestation of our design and manufacturing prowess. Yet once we delved deeper, it became more apparent that exhibiting is the perfect opportunity to display every skill within our possession.

 This moment of clarity catalysed the fixation on creating a stand that became a statement piece. Employing the abilities of Minh Dao became a huge factor, a 2nd Year Birmingham City University Interior Design Student who undertook a two-week internship. During her time with us, Minh used our brand colour palette and geometric graphic elements to create the final stand.

With this in mind, it was still the products that would act as the heart of our exhibition. Our design team each wanted to create a unique stylistic nature yet implement colour and materials to create harmony amongst the complete range.

As an addition, we engaged our contract knowledge to provide a range of additional items. The Polyups act as a great example as we injected them with life through leather upholstered shells to totally change the dynamic of the chairs. Our ability to think on our feet and adapt to the needs of a situation was ever present in this process.

The culmination of this journey came in Mid-September when it was time to exhibit what we obsessed over for months on end. Both nervous and excited tones ran throughout the company, as it was impossible to foresee what was ahead. To our relief, the complete show was a fantastic experience. The platform Tent provided supplies the opportunity to speak to a varying range of individuals. From established designers, suppliers, independent craftspeople and the general public, they all administered invaluable feedback. Overtime we believe that the benefits of exhibiting will become more and more apparent and will greatly inform our participation at any future events.

If you visited Tent, please send us an email or tweet as we’d love to hear your feedback. Also, take a look at our product page to discover more about the items we produced.

Click here to download images of our full product range.