Style Picks - The Loom Look

For this edition of Style Picks, we've decided to showcase all things loom-like. From woven leather to suspended string, designers are capturing this ephemerality and dynamism and applying it to everything from shop-fitting to garden furniture.  

We love this restaurant retrofit. They've used multi coloured string to create a vibrant but warm space, that keeps your eye wandering. The canopy works to defuses the light, which makes this big space feel cosy.

This chair by Alvi Design has taken all natural materials and an age old craft, and created something that is quintessentially Scandinavian whilst being completely on trend. 

The Brick House's Rope Wall reflects what's happening with office interior design right now, by using natural materials and cleverly zoning areas. This rope wall gives the illusion of privacy, whilst not being a physical barrier for light or sound.  

We were so excited to see the new products launches by Blifase srl recently. Traces is made using leather strapping, which really gives this angular chair some warmth. They also make a range of colourful outdoor versions, which would look amazing on any pool side. 

Outofstock have really made a versatile product with Dunes. This lightweight frame can be used to break up a space, and stacked away for storage. We think these would be great used in multi functional venues, or zoning big restaurants or bars to create intimate spaces.

Julie Lansom's cleaver table design combines furniture design with textile design, using the teeth on her table base and different colour threads to weave a beautiful pattern. We can't wait to see more from her.