Designed By David Rowe & Professor Richard Snell


ARC has been designed to combine superior postural support and relaxing comfort with flexibility, versatility, and facilities to encourage activities. Cosy and cushioning; the chair’s high back provides proactive support to the four critical areas of the spine. The armrests are removable, allowing for the occupant to be moved in and out of the chair sideways, or easily hoisted, or to facilitate exercise while seated. The arms are interchangeable to encourage a range of activities from pursuing hobbies and using laptops, to simply taking refreshments. They also incorporate a special feature to make access and egress easier.

The seat cushion is constructed with pressure-sensitive foam and is removable to allow comprehensive cleaning. There is also a void beneath the seat creating a ‘step-back’ space to make sitting down and standing up much easier. 

ARC has been designed to look and feel luxurious and yet business-like, a chair to enjoy.

Design Registration 002512087