what is Actiposture?

Actiposture encompasses the research undertaken by Professor Richard Snell & David Rowe in collaboartion With Birmingham City University. The postural geometry of lounge seating is frequently under-addressed. Later in life, the body – even a relatively healthy one – often suffers from a lack of muscle-tone, thinner flesh and skin, brittle bones and other skeletal issues. These in turn are linked to circulation, digestive, and respiratory problems.

The research at BCU showed that seating design needs to encourage good posture, and to limit the progressive damage caused by poor posture. The Chairs in this Collection provide pressure-relieving seats and backrests that fully support the spine. A special configuration of proactive support for the four critical areas of the back, helps to maintain alignment of the spine and to discourage slumping.

THe Principles

Over 20 years of industry led research and design has created a strong set of principles that improve the occupants health and wellbeing through correct posture.

Actiposture Seating

View our 2016 seating range that utilises Actiposture technology. Each product has been rigorously developed to ensure the user can fully benefit  from each design.

Additional Products

A number of additional products have been produced to enhance the overall experience. This includes a range of table, footstools and a unique headrest design.